3D Porncraft comic

3D Porncraft comic

Erotic exploits in chic desire an Porncraft, wait for you. Enjoy the new chapter!


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She seemed to let that go, as he fucked her with all the passion he had, growling slightly, feeling cheated again as she moved to lean forward, her body moving off of his shaft. He couldn’t help the anger he felt at this. Twice she had robbed him of that feeling. “Fuck me…” She panted out again, sounding almost desperate. He couldn’t help but obey, his body wouldn’t allow him to, he didn’t even know if he would be able to stop himself if she did allow him to. His chest rested against his back, as his hands summoned two pieces of ice for his hands to rest on for support, as he once again, began to fuck her. It wasn’t long till he felt himself jump again. “Don’t!” She ordered, her right again moving back behind her to grip his hair, as she began to move as well, he held it back as the sensation increased, and she began to moan louder, he couldn’t stop panting, gasping, and was now even groaning softly. “Your reward!” She almost screamed with extacy, pulling his hair as she turned to kiss him, as his member exploded without him able to stop it. As their lips imbraced, her sex enveloped his cock like her lips envoloped his tongue. Moments later both collapsed into the water, now facing each other. The queen having fallen asleep, and Kanir’s fatigued body not letting him do anything else but follow her lead.

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